Aviv J. Sharon, Ph.D.

Aviv J. Sharon, Ph.D.


Hello there!

I am an aspiring instructional designer with an interest in the field of Learning Analytics.

As a side project, I am building Stepwise, a career development community for scholars, thinkers, and inquiring minds.

📍 Haifa, Israel

Photo: Liya Rose Magen
Photo: Liya Rose Magen

What I Do

📚 Instructional Design

I create products and experiences that help people make sense of information, question their assumptions, and construct meaning.

This is also known as Learning Experience Design (LxD).

💡 User Research

I investigate user needs, preferences and constraints, to inform the design of products and experiences.

⚙️ My “research method toolbox” includes interviewing; designing and running online questionnaires; and analyzing user behaviors using statistics.

📝 Writing and Editing

I am an experienced writer and editor adept at presenting ideas in a clear and concise manner.

🌐 I am bilingual, a native speaker of English and Hebrew, with translation and editing experience.


Instructional Design & Product Design

📺Science Communication MOOC🦔Wildlife Sighting Chatbot

Academic Research Projects

Comparing Online Scientific Info in Different Languages
Quant. Research


What Do People Consider “Trustworthy” Vaccine Information?
Quant. Research


How Do Health Experts Conduct Outreach Online?
Qual. ResearchInterviewing


How Do Users Interact with Particle Physics Info on Social Media?
Quant. Research



Dvar Torah

המכשפה שבתוכנו
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