Aviv J. Sharon, Ph.D.

Aviv J. Sharon, Ph.D.


Hello there!

I am an aspiring data scientist with research experience in biology and the social sciences.

As a side project, I am building Stepwise, a community that helps scholars build careers outside academia.

My main career goal is to apply my research skills to help people lead better lives.

πŸ“ Haifa, Israel

Photo: Liya Rose Magen
Photo: Liya Rose Magen

What I Do

πŸ“Š Data Analysis

I identify key research questions, collect data, and analyze it. Then I communicate the findings to diverse audiences.

πŸ“ Writing and Editing

I am an experienced writer and editor adept at presenting ideas in a clear and concise manner.

🌐 I am bilingual, a native speaker of English and Hebrew, with translation and editing experience.

Academic Research Projects

Comparing Online Scientific Info in Different Languages
Data Analysis
What do Users Consider β€œTrustworthy” Vaccine Information?
Data Analysis
How do Health Experts Conduct Outreach Online?
InterviewingQualitative Research
How do Users Engage with CERN's Social Media Platforms?
Data Analysis

UX Research Projects

A Chatbot for Wildlife Sightings
InterviewingCompetitive AnalysisWireframing

Other Projects

Twitter (English)
Twitter (Hebrew)