Wildlife Sighting Chatbot

Wildlife Sighting Chatbot


WildIsrael is a non-profit organization that runs a public participation database for wildlife sightings.

This database:

  • adds to scientific knowledge,
  • informs conservation planning, and
  • promotes public engagement with nature.

The Problem

Contributors could report wildlife sightings:

  • by filling out a webform, or a similar form in a dedicated Android app,
  • or by describing the sighting in natural language in a WhatsApp group.

Each of these approaches caters to a different stakeholder: the webform approach reduces admin workload and the natural language/instant messaging approach appeals to contributors.

WildIsrael sought to:

  • reduce admin workload, and
  • improve contributors' engagement and sense of community.

The Solution

After conducting competitive analysis and user interviews, I designed a bespoke WhatsApp chatbot for wildlife sightings.
  • The chatbot yields data that is easier for admins to work with, compared to reports given in natural language. This reduces the admin workload.
  • At the same time, the chatbot makes for a more conversational experience for contributors, compared to filling out forms.
  • Additionally, each wildlife sighting can be either:
    • posted to a community discussion channel (which contributes to engagement), or
    • kept under wraps, for the admins’ eyes only (which some users prefer for several reasons).

Research and Design Process

This presentation (in Hebrew) explains the research and design process:


The prototype only works with the following input:

  1. Species: Hedgehog
  2. Where did you see it: Haifa
  3. When did you see the animal: Now
  4. In what condition was the animal: 1 (Alive)
  5. Enter 1 again (to confirm)

Client Testimonial

"It has been a privilege to work with Aviv as a UX expert on our public participation GIS dedicated to wildlife sightings. He performed a thorough examination of our project and provided excellent results: a creatively designed chatbot that is easy to use and is tailored to our association's needs. The value of his work extends well beyond the final product: Aviv helped us develop a better understanding of our contributors, which will be of great help in future projects." — Eyal Vanunu, Founder of WildIsrael (December 2020)