Science Communication MOOC

Science Communication MOOC

While at the Technion (2021–2022), I co-developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Science Communication.

The MOOC was designed to cater to science & technology researchers who want to better communicate with:

  • media professionals,
  • decision-makers, and
  • diverse publics.

Sounds interesting. Where can I find it? ● Hebrew: The Hebrew edition of the course (תקשורת המדע | Tikshoret HaMaddá) is freely available on Israel’s national online learning platform, Campus IL; ● English: The English edition, Science Communication, is freely available on EdX.

My Contributions

For this project, I co-developed most of the training and assessment materials (in Hebrew).

Then, I oversaw the MOOC’s translation and localization to English. This entailed managing a team of two freelance translators.


This project was supported by grants from:

  • the Council for Higher Education,
  • the Ministry of Education, and
  • the Digital Israel Bureau at the National Digital Agency.

Learner Testimonial

"This is the most well-thought-out and interactive course I’ve ever seen. I had never imagined I’d be learning this way here at the Technion. […] I recommended the course to a mathematician friend, and he actually told me that he had a hard time explaining his work to non-mathematicians. We were able to come up with a more user-friendly way to talk about his research topic.”

— Guy S., undergraduate engineering student (January 2024)